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QuestionSBURB is the enemy. SBURB is the virus. And the dopplegangers are the cure. We are the infected, mindlessly shambling about, unaware of what we're doing. What we've done. They kill us, not out of hatred, but out of kindness. The same as the dog with rabies. They are not ruled by the game. They are not carrying it's constructs. They stop us from spreading the disease. Answer

Oh hey, an ask from an SD! That’s not fucked up at all. These dudes: crazy-go-nuts.

Not that the game isn’t the enemy, but I don’t think wanton murder with sugar-coated weaponry is the solution to much of anything.

  1. stanzicapparatireplayers said: Not that it makes the dude any less screwed-up, but you sure it’s an SD and not someone who’s just a fan of them? (If anything, that’d make him more screwed up, really. Aaaand it’s too early and I’m too hung-over to try thinking about who it might really be. Seriously, you…
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